#babyfur rules

Please read these rules in full. We do not accept ignorance of these rules as an excuse for breaking them

Section 1: Rule 0

  1. Rule 0 is: Be nice to others
    1. In the absence of any specific rule, a moderator may always refer to Rule 0
    2. If you believe one or more moderators are abusing this rule, please contact a different moderator. (List on page 2)

Section 2: Some things to know

  1. You must be 18 years or older to be in this chat. The minimum age of consent in the US is 18.
  2. This chat is a community for furries involved in the ABDL subculture in some way. ABs, DLs, and caretakers are welcome.
  3. The primary language of this chat is English, though not everyone's first language is English. Please make it easy to understand what you're saying.
    1. "Baby-talk" is highly discouraged. Please avoid it.
    2. Please avoid typing in a way that makes it needlessly difficult to understand.

Section 3: Channel rules

Sub-section 1: Chat/Content Rules

  1. Try to keep images, GIFs, videos, and stickers PG-13.
    1. No pictures – real or drawn – that show genitals, breasts, or any sexual acts.
    2. No photos of the inside of diapers that have been used or are being worn are allowed.
    3. No blowout shots (shots of mess leaking out of the diaper)
  2. Avoid spamming the chat with messages, stickers, or image/video content.
    1. Images, GIFs, and videos are limited to 6/person per hour.
      1. Please don't post rapidly blinking GIFs or videos.
      2. When posting images, consider whether it adds value to the discussion.
      3. If you want to post more images, you can use Telegram' album feature to group up to 10 of them.
    2. We have a very low tolerance for Stickerbarf™. Use common sense and moderation with stickers. Generally, out of the last 18 messages posted, no more than 6 of them should be stickers.
  3. Announcements need to be approved by a moderator. Announcements, bulletins, advertisements for paid art, requests for money, and crowdfunding links need to be approved by a moderator prior to posting. When posting, please including the name of whomever approved it.
  4. Please, don't talk about politics. Please divert such conversation to the channel in our network built for political discussion: #babyfur - Politics
  5. Try to limit RP in this room. This isn't a roleplay room, it's a room for discussion. RP can be done in PMs or the RP chat. Limited RP emotes are fine.
  6. Usernames and icons are subject to the rules.
    1. Please understand that everyone sees your icon. If you don't change your icon when asked, you may be booted until you do.
    2. If you create your username to extend beyond the name field in a way that is annoying or disruptive to the chat, you may be asked to change it.
  7. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    1. Please leave your drama elsewhere.
    2. This group is for people to feel comfortable and welcome. Please do not bait, troll, or try to deliberately intimidate and/or embarass others. (Consensual teasing excluded)
    3. Cross-posting pictures or messages with the intent to humiliate or harass can and will result in removal from #babyfur. Similarly, Anyone who is a member of telegram groups or other communities that exist primarily to promote violence, hate or harassment, may be subject to removal from our communities.
    4. If there is a conflict of opinion, avoid dogpiling the person with the unpopular opinion. Remember their feelings.
  8. Chat Mission/Goal, and Afterword.
    1. The goal of the channel is interesting conversation, and fostering a sense of community.
      1. If a majority of the moderators decide a user's further presence is not facilitating that, they may elect to remove the use from the chat.
      2. Final interpretation of the rules lies with the admins.

Sub-Section 2: Administration

If you need the attention or a moderator or administrator, please mention or PM one of them. Current list is as follows:

@aBearWoofScout, @aliothfox, @alohawolf, @bluburr, @Bluescales, @Fauxhammer @shoopymon, @LilEuly, @lilfoxdeer, and @Ma2tew, @TheBestestDragon,

Administrators are subject to the same rules as the rest of the chat. If you believe that one or more moderators are abusing their position, please contact another mod on the list.

Sub-Section 3: Resources

Sub-Section 4: Babyfur Community Chats

  • Main Chat - #babyfur
    To serve the needs of our community and because of content rules in the main chat, #babyfur has a community of chats availible to cater to members interests:
    • #babyfur - Politics A room for political discussions.
    • #babyfur - ChubCubs A size positive room for chubby ABDLs and those who like them.
    • #babyfur - firearms A place to talk about firearms and shooting.
    • #babyfur - Gearhead Littles A place for little cubs who like things that go vroom-vroom..
    • #babyfur - Emotional Support Having Feels? Need a friendly ear? come talk about it here.
    • #babyfur - Singles Single? Babyfur / ABDL? Looking or curious? 18+ only.
    • #babyfur - Texas The statewide Babyfur/ABDL chat, by and for Texans, please live in (or planning on visiting/moving to) Greater Texas (Texas or any state that touches it) before joining.
    • #babyfur - The 24/7 Club - A room for people who wear diapers 24/7 or aspire to do so. (Please contact @alohawolf or @shoopymon for membership)
  • Sub-Section 5: Babyfur Community Affiliate Chats

  • StonerCubs (Please contact @kayburd or @Seaweedburr for membership)